Kambiz Saffarizadeh

Assistant Professor of Management at Marquette University

CIS3300 - Systems Analysis

Schedule and Syllabus

This is the syllabus for the Spring 2020 iteration of the course.

1Jan 13Class Introduction & Logistics Syllabus Systems Thinking Group Exercise
No ClassJan 20University Official Holiday
2Jan 27Introduction to Systems AnalysisCh. 1Project Group Form
3Feb 3Project ManagementCh. 2Quiz 1 (Chapter 1)
4Feb 10Requirements Determination (I)Ch. 3Quiz 2 (Chapter 2)
5Feb 17Requirements Determination (II)Ch. 3Quiz 3 (Chapter 3) Group Exercise 1
6Feb 24Exam 1Project Phase-I Report
7March 2Functional Modeling (I) Semester midpoint:  March 3Ch. 4
8March 9Functional Modeling (II)Ch. 4Quiz 4 (Chapter 4) Group Exercise 2
No ClassMarch 16Spring Break
9March 23Structural Modeling (I)Ch. 5
10March 30Structural Modeling (II)Ch. 5Quiz 5 (Chapter 5) Group Exercise 3
11April 6Behavioral Modeling (I)Ch. 6
12April 13Behavioral Modeling (II)Ch. 6Quiz 6 (Chapter 6) Group Exercise 4
13April 20Exam 2Project Phase-II Report
14April 27Project Group Meeting
15May 4Project PresentationFinal Project Report
May 8Grades will be available via PAWS on May 8 at 5PM.
Name:Kambiz Saffarizadeh
Office:Robinson College of Business, 35 Broad Street, 9th Floor, Room 910
Email:k.saffarizadeh@gmail.com | ksaffarizadeh1@gsu.edu
Office Hours:Wednesday 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM or by appointment

Course: CIS 3300 Systems Analysis (Spring 2020)

Class 1. Time: Monday 12:30 PM – 3:00 PM – Location: Classroom South 225

Class 2. Time: Monday 4:30 PM – 7:00 PM – Location: Langdale Hall 518